Professional Network Services

  • E911 Network Services (SCOUT, database integration, etc.) and Regulatory Compliance:It is more challenging than ever to maintain a fully compliant E911 network. Changes and adjustments have the potential to impact performance, which in turn could affect response time and the ability of the system to operate as it should. With this in mind, AIM Technical Services provides E911 engineering services that include design, planning and deployment, as well as equipment installation commissioning, integration and drive & call testing. At the same time, our managed service team is trained to help optimize, test and/or expand networks.
  • Infrastructure Assessment: This service allows us to review current network hardware and software, closely examining everything from energy consumption to path analysis. By doing so, we can then devise a plan to maximize your investment and improve operational efficiency. Our comprehensive reports outline specific recommendations that are customized for your organization.
  • Network Architecture Design: We provide these services to help build new networks, make changes to or troubleshoot existing networks, or de-grow networks due to the end-of-life challenges that operators face.
  • Technology/Equipment Evaluation and Selection: This service includes benchmark testing and cost benefit analysis for new equipment considerations. We write business cases to help determine if new equipment is ready for first field application (field trials).
  • Ethernet to Cell Site (ETTCS) Implementation & Migration Support (MSN to SIAD Scripting & Routing Configuration): Wireless carriers use this network topology to carry voice and data traffic over IP networks. AIM Technical professionals are qualified to provide ETTCS network test, turn-up and trouble-shooting services.
  • Network Operation Center (NOC) Engineering and Data Translation: As part of our NOC services, we supply technical support personnel who monitor network performance on a 24/7 basis. These technicians provide support for break/fix status verification and alarm status. At the same time, our data translation services include high-level software language support, which provides automated scripting to configure IP-based hardware like routers, SIADs, MSN and RNCs (radio network controllers).
  • RAN Engineering & RNC Support (and Rehomes): We offer these professional engineering services for anything related to radio access networks (RAN), including RNC support. Rehomes is a process that moves nodes from one radio network controller (RNC) to another to accommodate capacity limits on each controller.
  • Professional Network Routing Configuration Scripting & Implementation: We provide expert-level service engineers for commercial configuration, scripting and implementation.