Wireless Network Services

  • Cell Site Field Equipment Installation Commissioning, Integration and Drive & Call Testing:
    These services are provided to install networkand radio equipment, including power, ground and transport. We integrate the equipment into the network, which includes logistical and asset tracking services. At the same time, our drive/cell testing verifies correct call routing and operability.
  • Switch, Transport and Operational Support: We provide switch services on the Core Telecom Network; transport services that include circuit path design; and granite database services such as circuit (T1) design, ordering, testing and de-growth—all with ongoing operational support.
  • Network Optimization and Sustainment: As part of this managed service, we include benchmarking, planning, optimization and ongoing maintenance of network performance.
  • RF Engineering Services (GSM, UMTS, and LTE): Our radio frequency engineering abilities encompass GSM (Global Systems for Mobile communications), UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems), and LTE (Long-Term Evolution).
  • Site Surveys – CASS, Third Party, General Quality & Spot Audits with Performance Evaluation: In this area, we supply field personnel who access remote assets and perform audits according to our client’s needs. This service also includes data management and delivery.
  • Certified PIM Testing: As wireless broadband and 4G networks, utilities, government agencies and private users convert to higher data rates with higher spectral bandwidth requirements, the need to reduce passive intermodulation at radio sites increases. It’s just another one of the many services that we provide.